What’s a warehouse racking system?

In today’s fast-paced world, improper inventory management can inevitably lead to a disaster. In warehouse operations, it is necessary for workers to properly shelve their items. So let’s discuss what a warehouse racking system is and what kind of different warehouse racking system are available in the market.

A warehouse racking system is designed to stack items in horizontal rows. It has multiple levels, and its design helps you manage your items and better utilize your storage room space. While organizing items, make sure your items are read to cargo for streamlined operations.

Each system has a specific requirement it has to follow. The right racking system should increase space utilization without disturbing your other operations, especially in the picking department. Before buying any warehouse racking system, make sure to consider these points:

  • Room Utilization: The ability of the warehouse racking system to increase the maximum space in the storage room.
  • Space Utilization: The required space you utilize when you order in a warehouse racking system. The amount depends upon the quality, size, and weight of the item.
  • Easy to maneuver: This means that we consider the amount of aisle width which is required for the forklift requires to maneuver
  • Versatile: It can store a wide range of products.
  • Inventory Master: Helps you in inventory management and follow the SOPs required by the warehouse.


Types of Warehouse racking systems:

There are many different types of warehouse racking systems in the market. Before buying any racking system, please consider this list. You can buy a racking system from our website, for more details, please click here.


Selective Racking System:

Because of its affordability and wide range of sizes and attachments, the selected racking system is the most common. This racking system is ideal for convenient storage for all needs that necessitate quick access to items.

  • Room Utilization:: 37%
  • Space Utilization: 90 – 95%
  • Easy to maneuver: Many forklifts can easily pick up this aisle, as it’s wide and has multiple access.
  • Versatile: Can handle different types of items.
  • Inventory Master: First in, First Out (FIFO)


Double-Deep Racking System:

This racking system is designed to store items with the same amount of density. It requires you to use special equipment such as an extendable fork to lift it and slowly operate it. It is usually best for storing the same amounts of items.

  • Room Utilization:: 89%
  • Space Utilization: 80 – 90%
  • Easy to maneuver: Can be lifted by forklifts with extendable forks.
  • Versatile: Best for storing the same amounts of the item.
  • Inventory Master: First In, Last Out (FILO)


Pallet Flow:

Pallet flow racks are a high-density storage system that combines elevated rails with dynamic components like gravity rollers and conveyors. Gravity is used to power these warehouse storage racks. This racking system may increase or even quadruple your warehouse’s storage capacity, and it’s ideal for expiration-date-sensitive items.

  • Room Utilization:: 75%
  • Space Utilization: 80 – 90%
  • Easy to maneuver: Can be easily picked up by forklifts
  • Versatile: Storing items with high volume and the same SKU
  • Inventory Master: Uses FIFO